One device
Comprehensive examinations


One device with five exchangeable modules. Attached and removed in one simple step.


Shape designed for optimal ergonomics during each examination.


The device will lead you through the entire diagnostic process step by step.


Complete up to 25 examinations on one charge.

Why Higo?

A premium
medical device

Turn every space into a
private doctor's office.

Telemedicine 2.0

Remote diagnosis based on
high-quality medical-grade data.

Quick and easy

Comfort and safety during
the examination process, a sure diagnosis,
saves time and money.

Beautiful and functional design
Simple exams. High-quality data.

A single Higo device can monitor and
diagnose your entire family,
wherever you are.

Precise imaging
Perfect lighting

Higo is equipped with an incredibly sensitive camera and an innovative optical system that ensures ideal images, regardless of who performs the exam. The entire system was configured to provide a doctor with the best data to make a diagnosis.

Reliable measurements
Nothing else matters

Higo’s temperature module is not a normal thermometer. It ensures measurements are of the highest quality and trustworthy. To achieve this we based our module on what is considered to be the most precise method – Temporal Artery Thermometry (TAT). We combined cutting edge science with ease of use.

Simple and accurate. Higo.

The Higo App.
Everything in one place
Together with your device
they form an unbeatable
pair for your health.

The app ensures an accurate general and detailed medical history is gathered, without which a diagnosis would be impossible. It gives access to all past exams, allows for the planning of future exams, provides a way of communicating with a doctor, as well as gathering and sending other relevant medical information. Designed to be intuitive and aesthetically pleasing.

Putting the doctors’
comfort first.

The doctor receives data from the medical interview, images, audio and video recordings, measurements, and access to all past examinations. All supported by AI algorithms, which allows a diagnosis to be made in only four minutes.

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