I'm Higo®!

There's no need to go see a doctor - now you can get a diagnosis without leaving home. In less than an hour!

I can save you time and money, and limit your exposure to other patients.

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I will lead you through a medical interview and help you perform all the necessary physical examinations to get a diagnosis

Like a regular doctor’s appointment, just remotely, but thanks to Higo you’ll feel as if the doctor is in the room with you.

One Device
A diagnosis based on comprehensive medical examinations

“I was designed to allow you to perform each exam by yourself. Thanks to my exchangeable modules, it’s easy!”

Take a look at how simple it is…

To perform a medical exam (your answers in the medical survey will influence which ones are necessary!) connect the displayed module: thermometer, stethoscope, otoscope, dermhood, or throat spatula. I’ll let you know what order to go in and if you’ve performed the exam correctly!

The examinations are simple and intuitive

I’ll lead you through each one step-by-step to make sure they are performed properly

You perform the exam, I generate high-quality medical-grade data.

The doctor uses this data to make a diagnosis


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We offer much more than just remote diagnosis. I’m a complete telemedical system, than can benefit companies operating outside the medical service industry


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Higo is all you need

Whether you’re a patient, physician, or medical service provider

Higo App

The medical interview, contact with your doctor, and access to your results, diagnoses, e-prescriptions, and referrals can all be accessed through the mobile app.

Higo Cloud

Contains all saved examinations and consultations, securely encrypted (in accordance with the most up-to-date standards). Access your medical records anytime and anywhere.

Higo MEDical service

A team of experienced doctors from top clinical institutions, available to Higo customers. The team includes paediatricians, family doctors, and internists.

Higo APP on smartphone with Adnroid

The Higo® Device

A certified medical device with easily attachable, exchangeable modules used to perform each medical examination.

Higo Doctor's Portal

The doctors' virtual office, designed to allow for more efficient analysis of exam results and make a diagnosis - in minutes.

Higo AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Designed to support both the user during during the examination process, and the doctor during analysis of the results.

Higo CatchAI

During the examination, Intelligent Algorithms analyse (in real-time!) the data being recorded, making sure only diagnostic, medical-grade images and sounds are captured, and let you know when the exam can be finished, or if it needs to be re-done, that way you don’t need to worry about performing it incorrectly.

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Higo – an innovative telemedical system that redefines the concept of a doctor’s appointment.

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