Higo - a small medical device and telemedical solution

We understand the needs
of both the patient and the market

We provide access to the Higo system through three personalised offers

For children, parents, and seniors
For all your loved ones

Higo can be used to easily examine anyone, including yourself. A remote diagnosis based on collected medical data can be received in under an hour, wherever you may be.

Support for professionals in the medical and healthcare industry

Higo Pro supports medical personnel at their place of work. It improves the medical workflow in hospitals, private offices, schools, preschools and nurseries, as well as community medical care and during home visits.

Telemedicine like you've never seen before

A telemedical service from HigoMed Ltd. specifically for companies and institutions, both those that provide medical services and hire physicians and those outside the medical industry with no dedicated medical staff.

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Use Higo Family
wherever you are

Higo helps keep you safe wherever you and your family head to since infections and other health problems can happen anywhere. With Higo, you will always have access to professional healthcare.


at home

If you have Higo with you, there's no need to go anywhere. There's no reason to travel to a clinic, you don't have to wait in line, and the risk of catching something from other patients is non-existent. The doctor's office is... wherever you are. You perform the exams, send the results and a diagnosis, recommendations, e-prescriptions, and your treatment plan is delivered straight to your mobile app. All in less than an hour.


on vacation

Caught a cold? A suspicious rash? There's no difference if you spent your holidays at home or abroad. If you are worried about the wellbeing of your loved ones you don't need to look for a doctor - all you need is access to the internet and Higo. The doctor will have access to current and past exams, and can make a diagnosis whether your 10 or 100 km from the nearest hospital.


whenever you might need it

You can always count on Higo in any health-related situation. Regardless of if you need a full consultation or just... measure your temperature. If you feel an oncoming infection or want to monitor treatment - as part of a follow-up visit or for chronic health conditions. Always and everywhere, whenever you are concerned with the health of yourself or those closest to you.

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Supports professionals in every situation

Higo Pro is something more than a device for remote diagnostics and the Higo MDP data interpretation system. It’s the ability to match the diagnostic process to the place, needs, and personnel.

A doctor needs only four minutes to make a diagnosis.

Higo Pro

during COVID-19

Patients suspected of the coronavirus infection can safely monitor their health while isolated and send the data to their doctor. This way they protect others while still maintaining vigilance over the state of their wellbeing and allowing for any necessary medical intervention.

Higo Pro

in a nurses hands

A nurse prepares a detailed medical history and examines the patient. Based on the information gathered, the doctor can make a diagnosis. It takes only four minutes. And can be done completely remotely. Increased efficiency and lower costs for you!

Higo Pro

at work

One of your employees feels under the weather? Help them before they need to take time off to go to the doctor. They get the treatment they need faster and decrease their time away from work. It will also allow for you to more easily organise any necessary replacement or delegate tasks to other workers.

Higo Pro

in the clinic

The nurse prepares the patient for their visit, performing examinations and gathering a medical history. This allows the doctor to spend more time on treating patients, and helps reduce costs.

Higo Pro

at kindergarten and school

A child feels ill? Or maybe they don't want to take that test... Thanks to Higo, every school nurse will be able to quickly sort it out - they can examine the child and get a diagnosis from a doctor.

Higo Pro

at the hospital

Medical personnel can gather medical data from the patient and send it to the doctor, whenever - daily, prior to medical procedures, or before discharge.

Higo Pro

home visits

If you provide your patients with the possibility of home visits, Higo Pro will help make them more efficient and require less medical personnel. A nurse can visit the patient, and the doctor makes the diagnosis... remotely.

Higo Pro

for outpatients

After leaving the hospital, patients don't need to come in for control visits. During their convalescence they can monitor the state of their health from home and only come in when it is actually necessary.

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A diagnosis without visiting a doctor

The only device on the market that gives
the same quality of data regardless of whether examinations are performed by the
patient or a doctor and a remote diagnosis the with same certainty as one made in person.
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