About us | Higo® - a small medical device and telemedical solution

What drives us

Diagnosis in less than an hour without leaving home.
Comfortable. Reliable. Available to everyone

We believe that using available technology and the knowledge and experience of doctors,
we can provide good quality diagnosis remotely with high-quality medical data available from anywhere in the world
without having to physically come into the doctor’s office. Available without restrictions for everyone.

Our foundations

Higo® is easy to use.

From the very beginning, we wanted to provide mums and dads, sons and daughters with the possibility of performing basic tests comfortably and safely from anywhere in the world. In other words, we can collect equally good medical data without turning people into physicians

Higo® provides high quality medical data.

Detailed, sharp, high-quality without distortions, reliable, comprehensive … in other words, exactly what the doctor is used to. Everything is done through a standardized process that makes the doctor’s work and decision-making easier

Higo® is a revolution in the GP sector – already we’ve achieved a lot

1We created a high quality product from the beginning to obtain a certified class 2a device in just 14 months

2Doctors are impressed by the quality of the data provided by Higo. Regardless of their specialisation and the country they come from

3We reduce diagnostic costs by effectively presenting medical data

4We shorten the implementation time of the entire process of obtaining the diagnosis and recommendations from an average of 2.5 hours (calculated from the booking of a doctor’s appointment at the facility until the return home) to 40 minutes (from the presentation of symptoms to the diagnosis).

Created with the passion of professionals

The incredible HigoSense team

The HigoSense team consists of extremely diverse, talented and experienced people. Everyone is different and very valuable. Just like in the human body there are no non-essential organs, so at Higo everyone contributes their part to the realisation of the vision.

Master partners

Over 50 top experts from the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, France and Poland partner with us to ensure Higo®’s excellence.

Outstanding and dedicated doctors

HigoSense is honoured to work with outstanding doctors
who, apart from treating patients, also devote their time and knowledge
to develop the medicine of the future

Marek Kulus

prof. dr. hab. n.med

Specialist in paediatrics, allergology, pulmonology and paediatric lung diseases

Michał Nowicki

Specialist in cardiology

Katarzyna Wasilczuk

Specialist in paediatrics

Marcin Sanocki

Specialist in paediatrics

Stanisław Bogusławski

Specialist in paediatrics

Magdalena Chojnowska

Specialist in paediatrics

Medical University of Warsaw

Children's Clinical Hospital in Warsaw

Speak to HigoSense leaders

Łukasz Krasnopolski

Co-Founder and CEO



Michał Biernat

Co-Founder and CTO



I am honoured to be able to work alongside the best experts and managers who for months have been making the impossible possible through their commitment and talent.
Thank you for what we have already achieved and for what is still ahead of us.

Łukasz Krasnopolski
Founder and CEO

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