You have your first online medical consultation appointed and have no idea how to get ready for it? In five steps we advise on how to prepare yourself for an online doctor’s appointment in order to get the most comprehensive diagnosis. 

1. Make sure your internet connection is stable

Some remote medical consultations can be held by the phone, however it’s more common to have them via the internet – this way the communication between a doctor and a patient is more effective. To make full use of it and have a quality appointment, a good and stable connection to the internet is crucial.

TIP: Before connecting with your doctor, try to find a quiet place at home, so that you’re not interrupted during the appointment. Also, it will be necessary for the place to have good lighting. This way you’ll be seen well, too.

2. Have your devices charged and ready to use

Telemedicine requires the use of different devices depending on the type of the consultation – sometimes you will need only a mobile phone, but sometimes the use of a computer or a tablet may be necessary. For that reason make sure you have them charged and that they have the required software installed.

Also, to facilitate the contact, different health centres and healthcare practitioners use specially designed platforms that not only help to hold a virtual appointment, but also stores patient’s data. Make sure you know how to access it.

3. Prepare your medical devices to have them within a reach

No one expects you will have all the needed medical devices at home, but make use of those you’ve got. A thermometer, blood pressure monitor, and heart monitor are most likely in one of your cupboards, so take it out and have them at hand. During the virtual consultation, the doctor may ask you to use them.

4. Have your symptoms written down 

Once you’ve got the technical part ready, take a piece of paper and write down the symptoms you’ve had. Try to note down all the details – the intensity, how long have you been dealing with them, and what medicines have you taken so far. This information may be essential for the doctor. 

When preparing a list with your symptoms, think also about pre-existing conditions you’ve got and factors you believe may be important to share with a doctor.

5. Make sure your healthcare system covers the expenses of an online medical appointment

Whether it’s private or public, your healthcare system should provide you with the information regarding coverage of virtual medical appointment’s expenses. This should include details on when an online consultation is refundable and also, in some cases, by whom it has to be performed. Some healthcare systems accept only their licenced medical practitioners. It’s worth checking before the appointment. 

Preparing with Higo?

Looking for a more precise online medical examination? Higo, combining the most crucial medical devices, will make the self-examination at home faster and more complete. How?

  1. Changing modules that can be attached and removed in a couple of seconds, the device will lead you through the entire diagnostic process.
  2. The comprehensive results of your examination will be saved in the mobile application. 
  3. You can have them ready before starting a virtual medical appointment with your doctor or you can just click and send the results to your medical practitioner via the same mobile application. 
  4. Within an hour you will receive diagnosis, recommendations, e-prescription, and your treatment plan.

What goes next?

Having the results and doctor recommendations ready, go through the whole treatment plan and see whether your condition improved.

Both having a virtual medical appointment with or without Higo, remember that you may be asked to attend an in-person follow up medical appointment – very often it depends on the seriousness of your condition and additional examinations.